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Got Questions for the Lost VIPs? Get answers.

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For Michael Giacchino

If anyone could pass this along to Michael Giacchino, I would really appreciate it.

I'll keep the general praise concise: The original music on Lost ranks with the great movie scores, and is beyond anything that's previously been written for a TV series.

One of the top musical moments for me was (for lack of a better term) the "island wonder" theme, when young Ben was seeing the island for the first time, walking down the dock with his Father, in The Man Behind the Curtain. My overwhelming thought after that scene, and every time I hear the theme since then, is "this theme must be sung by a chorus!" I've been hoping that that has been your plan for a season finale, or maybe the series finale. I don't know if it's even feasible to do that, with budgetary and time constrains. But if that were to happen, then as far as I'm concerned, all would be right with the universe, and the Lost score would forever be the "Beethoven's 9th" of television music. (As it is I think it's place is secure as the "Beethoven's 3rd." )

Anyway, I figured the idea had almost certainly occurred to you, but that I might as well get it off my chest, just in case it hadn't -- or in case you might want a second opinion on whether or not it's worth the effort.
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