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For the Lost Actors Questions and other posts for the Lost actors in general.

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Congrats, Michael Emerson!

Congrats on your Emmy win last night! I loved when you said that Benjamin Linus is the role of a lifetime. You bring so much to the character. Between your multi-layered, deep portrayal of Ben, and the writers' brilliant character development and storylines, somehow we have empathy and sympathy for Ben even though he has done monstrous things. Some of those monstrous things we don't even know how monstrous or non-monstrous they were, because the whole time travel thing makes us wonder, well, wait, did Ben do that (Dharma purge, for example), because he felt he HAD to, to prevent something even worse from happening? But there are some things Ben has done that are pretty bad, no matter how you slice it (like brainwashing Karl, just to name one). STILL, we--or I, anyway--can't "hate" Ben. I see the little boy whose father blamed him for his mother's death, who was shot by Sayid when he trusted Sayid to help him, who grew up with no mom and being emotionally rejected and abused by his dad, AND in the Dharma Initiative ta boot. And we the audience don't even really know how "Jacob" figures into all this yet. But suffice it to say, that, as with all things on LOST, the character of Ben, and his actions, are anything but simple or to be taken at face value. There is a lot going on that we need to understand and wrestle with before we can come to any JUDGEMENT, so to speak, on many things because there are situational ethics to think about and everything is very Brechtian. ...Yeah. I LOVE me some LOST. And Ben is an integral part of what I love about LOST, really epitomizing the complexity and the good v. evil and the redemptive theme and the situational ethics and just the whole wild complexity of it all: WOW. He is indeed the role of a lifetime and I can't imagine anyone else playing him. I give the writers tons of credit, too, but you really make Ben Ben. Keep up the powerful work, Michael. It is so bittersweet for me that we are heading into the final season of LOST. I can't stand the thought of LOST wrapping up, yet the season ahead promises to be ...well, EPIC.

Congrats on your Emmy!!!

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The Fuselage > Ask the Staff > Got Questions for the Lost VIPs? > For the Lost Actors > Congrats, Michael Emerson!

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