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Three Minutes Air Date: 5/17/2006 64 minutes EP: 222
Written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Directed by Stephen Williams

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Re: LOST Rewind: "Three Minutes"

Considering Michael's past with Walt and his struggles to be reunited with his son, do you blame him for betraying the survivors for the sake of his son? Are you able to forgive him for killing Ana-Lucia and Libby?

If he believed then, that he and Walt could never return – so not bring aid to those left behind …ack. Some friend. To deliver into the hands of your enemy, people who had put themselves out for you, supported your cause… nasty.

On forgiveness: I don’t really blame. I recognise what he did – I feel all things considered it was a further wrong that didn’t make right: Walt was sprung from the Others to face the open ocean again while the people on the list were left bound and gagged to an uncertain fate.

And Mike can’t hide behind equivocal feelings like I might! He believes the Others are bad.

So I don’t forgive: but I don’t forget either. Mike threatened to kill John waaay before the Others and their manipulation were players. He’s dangerous. It’s his son now, but what if it were his business, for example, that he felt threatened, or his marriage, or his pride?

This is not a man you want to make angry. But given his issues with self-respect and dignity and imagined slights… I don’t fancy your chances.

Along the lines of The Others' psychological manipulations of Michael, Miss Klugh questions him regarding Walt:
This is very similar to the exchange in "Adrift" when Susan's lawyer is questioning Michael:
Is the use of this scene merely to draw a parallel between Susan taking Walt away, and The Others attempting to do the same? Or, is it intended to imply that somehow The Others had access to the court records, including the transcripts from that day when Michael was fighting for custody of Walt? Does this fit in with Ben's methodology of controlling others through information he has collected on them?
Yeah. It could be that they know heaps (although I thought the file Juliet had on Jack was a bluff) and it is Ben’s way …but the deal that is forged with Mike was to his displeasure.

Still keen here to see what ‘rescue’ means in the Linus lexicon. He thought before he answered in the affirmative. Unless… he was fibbing!

Miss Klugh's curious questions: "Is he your biological son?" "Did he have any illnesses growing up? Headaches? Fainting spells?" and, of course: "Did Walt ever appear in a place he wasn't supposed to be? You say he was half way around the world -- did you see him?" What is MissKlugh getting at? Is this simply another means of keeping Michael off-balance, or do The Others have some notion that Walt has special capabilities?

Furthermore, why doesn't Michael answer her when she asks if he ever saw him appear half-way around the world? Do you suppose Michael had?
Would you admit such to someone who had been hostile toward you? It might smack of questioning his mental state and competence to parent to chip-on-his-shoulder, pissed-at-the-world, Mike.

The ‘whose baby?’ stuff is business as usual LOST speculation. Grandad Walt might be interesting to know. Mike spoke to him mom once – but what’s his dad’s story?

Why did The Others lure Michael to them? Note that while Michael was in their custody, Ben was taken hostage by the survivors, so he wasn't originally intended as a trade. What was The Others' original intention for Michael when they abducted him and held him for a week?

Use the threat to a father to control his son is sound thinking, establish beyond doubt Walt’s parentage is also good, and perhaps get your hands on another ‘special’ if Walt’s talent is inherited. Or get your hands on a Lostie you can coerce. Anyone on the beach with an addiction the Others could feed might also be targeted.

Eko's story about the boy and the dog is in some respects reminiscent to the story that Locke tells Kate and Sawyer in "Outlaws," in which his foster mother was comforted by a dog after her daughter died. In that story, the mother believed that the dog was her daughter returning to tell her mother her death was not her fault. In Eko's story, the young boy who killed the dog was not concerned with forgiveness, but rather worried that the dog would be waiting for him in hell, presumably to seek vengeance. Compare the two stories about dogs and forgiveness, and consider the role of "Cerberus" on the blast door map. Cerberus, of course, is the mythological three-headed dog that guarded the gates to hell. There has been some speculation that this could be the name of the Smoke Monster. If so, does this shed some light on the story that Eko tells Michael in this episode, and the events that lead to Eko's own death in "The Cost of Living?"

One dog story is about forgiving oneself once we believe someone else thinks us worthy of forgiveness – the other, and my preferred one …thought Christ knows why; it’s terrifying – is about retribution, and whether or not we can escape it. Guilt is at the root of it: the shame we feel, or in absence of that, the guilt that is our being culpable, whether we care that we are or not.

Mike must be penitent to receive God’s forgiveness. (check out Eko to Caldwell in # ?)

But I rather fancy there’s nothing in Hell for Eko to be afraid of; anyone waiting for him there arrived ahead of him because Eko bested them once already. But I have lots of fancies – Cerberus could be soothed by music …how many notes does John’s dog whistle have?

Why does Charlie finally choose to get rid of all the Heroin Marys? What has made him finally let go? Note that he told Claire that he tried one of the DHARMA injections on himself. Could the medication have helped him overcome his reliance on the heroin, or is it merely coincidental? Claire takes his hand at Ana-Lucia and Libby's funeral. Is this the final turning point in their relationship? Once freed of the drugs once and for all, Charlie is capable of being the family man that he always wanted to be for Claire?

Charlie’s testing the DHARMA kit on himself is a leap of faith (or an excuse for his thorough unpleasantness lately - a trait that continues with his becoming shirty with Eko in the Finale and continues into Season 3 when he gets Des drunk to interrogate him), so perhaps she’s taking one in trusting him? The sudden, shocking, unexpected loss or two beachmates might make anyone re-evaluate – as John does to devastating effect some short while later when his faith is lost.

Rewinding, I see now that John blames the Button in some part for the women’s’ deaths. He left the funeral to go stop Eko having any more to do with it. And Charlie might have thrown his temptation – for which John is in the frame – a little further out to sea than 4 waves deep, it’s a wonder it weren’t back up the beach before he was!

Eko and the button. Following his time in the Pearl Hatch, Eko has an epiphany, and realizes that he has "work to do," namely pushing the button. In devoting himself to this work, Eko abandons the project that he had been working on with Charlie: the church. Charlie becomes embittered at Eko's abandonment because he felt that he had finally found a purpose on the island, only to have Eko walk away. But later, in season three, Charlie has a similar epiphany regarding his true purpose. Discuss the relationship between Eko and Charlie, and their determination to "save" people first through faith and then through works. Both men "push buttons" to save others, and then die soon after. Because they choose to "push buttons" to save others, do they become the sacrifice the island demands?

Ah; like Boone; who died pressing the transponder button when he might otherwise have escaped. When he ‘called’ Theresa up the stairs – did he it via intercom, so she may have died button pressing too.

Other obs: Eko’s silver cross becoming magnetised warns us of the strength of the field, and we see it’s related to the clock running down,

Alex – for it was her in the woods with the hunting party all along hurrah! - doesn’t know the gender of Claire’s baby… after all those tests? She must be out the loop, and as such, not necessarily a reliable witness,

Walt, not the Others, broke the three minute agreement; by talking about that he shouldn’t,

Mike pukes yes – like Sawyer does aways down the line – but might it be from fear of exposure rather than disgust?

Eko removes his dirty shoes so as not to soil the Hatch; echoing John’s entry the first time, are these both acts of reverence? (okay – those last two were questions lol) err…

Did Mike recognise a name he shouldn’t have known on the list he was given? Mr Reyes perhaps? Loop, dude, loop!

Reading between the lines: “For someone who wants his son back so badly, you don’t seem to know much about him, Michael.” I hear: ‘if you did; you mightn’t’.

And, do you think we might see Eko in his English parish, Penny, or a Season 4 new character flashback permitting?
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Re: LOST Rewind: "Three Minutes"

Every season has had its "filler" episodes, mainly just advancing the plot. This, IMO, was one of those.

Walt made it clear that the Others have been "pretending". I'm guessing that this deception goes deeper than simply dressing up in ragged clothes. Like the leaders of the commune in Locke's flashback from Further Instructions, I think they are hiding deeper secrets which have yet to be revealed.

What is it with all the 'testing' that has been going on? Walt is given tests by the Others, and Michael gets his blood drawn for some sort of testing (?similar to the later testing of Jack and Kate). In the previous episode Mr. Eko told Locke that the button-pushing at the hatch was a "test" that they were being put through, similar to what John had told Boone earlier about their quest to open the hatch. Was Michael's mission in this episode a 'test' of sorts as well?

How did Bea Klugh know who to put on the list? And why were the Others not 'allowed' to go and get Henry themselves?

I think it's interesting that Charlie gave himself a dose of the vaccine (although I'm not sure that it means anything).
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Re: LOST Rewind: "Three Minutes"

Ms. Klugh threatened to put Walt back in "the Room".

I liked the way Kate was there for Hurley, just quietly but still there.

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