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Got Questions for the Lost VIPs? Get answers.

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"We have to go back!"

We are approaching a year since the finale aired and there is an empty void in my life.

Unlike some of the other rabid fans out there, I would not have changed a thing about the story. Yes, I had more questions. The mysteries were cool but the series was always about the characters and their personal story arc.

Something tells me that it is not possible to capture lighting twice by reuniting the same staff of writers and recruiting an equally talented cast of actors BUT it would be AWESOME if ABC started another separate LOST series that filled in some of the unanswered mysteries surrounding the island - perhaps going even further back in time to the creation of the temple, Egyptian statues, the great Tree, etc.

I know, I know... it's never going to happen! But here's to dreaming!

I believe that I speak for a great deal of the fans out there when I say that we are all lost without LOST.

Thanks again for an unbelievable ride!

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The Fuselage > Ask the Staff > Got Questions for the Lost VIPs? > "We have to go back!"

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