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Ji Yeon Air Date: 3/13/2008 60 minutes EP: 407
Written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Directed by Stephen Semel

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Re: Didn't Love it.

I was on vacation for the past two episodes, so I first watched Ji Yeon Saturday and again Sunday. It’s official: this season is a train wreck. After 7 episodes, 3 have been unequivocal disasters. In fact, 3 of the 10 worst LOST episodes ever have been from this season- possibly, 3 of the 5 worst. Apparently, TPTB have thrown in the towel for this entire season, just “filling” to get to another season. The first warning sign came when I found out they were cutting the episodes per season to 16 from about 24 (depending how you count two-part episodes) for the final three seasons. Then, this season gets cut an additional 3 (to 13) due to the writer’s strike (apparently, they should have stayed on strike- or, been fired upon their return). Obviously, this series should have been about 3 seasons- 4 at the most. When you keep trotting out one filler episode after another, it means you have too many seasons- even when the seasons are short.

This episode was so stupid and boring (AGAIN), I cannot believe it is coming from the same creative team that sucked me into this series. This show now belongs on ABC’s daytime “drama” lineup, as it is much more of a soap than the cool sci-fi mystery that sucked me in during S1 (and I’m not even a real sci-fi fan). Is it possible that the creative team of LOST lost a bet with their counterparts of General Hospital and they swapped shows for this season?

This episode was filled with yet more of the same lame twists (Jin FB, trying to fake us out into believing it was part of the FF) and soap “drama” (Juliet telling Jin that Sun had an affair- and somehow Jin now understands this after a week or so of learning English; then Sun slaps her in the face- is this a FB of an old Dynasty episode??) that we have been suffering through all season. I posted this before and I’ll state it again, here: FBs (and FFs, for that matter) are distinct signs of the writer’s WEAKNESS. When you are in season 4, you should be able to move the plot and action forward without crutches like FBs and FFs- especially when you only have less than 40 total episodes to go. And you should certainly be able to move the plot and action forward without ridiculous stunts like the FB within a FF. How many minutes did they waste in this episode on Jin’s FB just to give us a “gotchya” moment? When they have to resort to this sort of nonsense, it tells me, quite clearly, they are out of legitimate ideas. Otherwise, they would have spent that precious time on some real action. After all, what’s more interesting, Jin cursing at some guy who stole his cab (and panda bear) or exploring something like the mystery behind the remains of the four-toed foot statue on the island (I’m sure we will never get an answer to that- and if we do, it will probably have something to do with a lame love triangle from way back when)?

Nothing of any interest happened in this episode. Just more of the same old talking heads (actually, talking GIAGANTIC heads- they continue to pull in so tight, the entire face of the actor is not visible- scene after scene). Very seldom is a character doing something without constant dialogue. What’s up with that? This again tells me the plot and action are incredibly weak.

Terrible episode. I guess the only positive to take away from this latest disaster is that TPTB have now lowered the bar to such a level that even a mediocre episode will seem fantastic. What a disappointing season.
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Re: Didn't Love it.

I have been waiting 4 weeks for this epi and it was boring
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Re: Didn't Love it.

Especially due to the actress' unfortunate permanent smirk, on rewatching this ep again it is one of many occasions when I am astounded that Sun just slapped her, rather than killing her with a pickaxe handle.

Juliet was part of the vanguard of shoehorned characters to pad out four seasons of filler and on rewatching her irritating characterisation transcends mere pointlessness and goes thermonuclear. It was walk out of the room bad.

Bernard was annoying but I'm guessing he was meant to be.

The dead Jin sequence at the end was the best part because it led leads actually act for one of the rarer occasions in season 4.

It's painful to rewatch this stuff, even for the sake of completeness in a marathon.
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The Fuselage > Lost Episodes > Lost Season 4 > Ji Yeon > Didn't Love it.

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