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Got Questions for the Lost VIPs? Get answers.

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Zbyszewski, the name that calls to me

ok, so, i'll admit i've never even considered asking a VIP question, because if it's serious and important, TPTB won't tell me and i'd rather discover it myself anyway, and if it's asinine fluffiness, well, i don't need to waste your time or mine (i already know Damon won't desert his family to make babies with me, however much i plead, so why bother).

i've finally got a question, however, that only one of the most overlooked creative teammates can answer, and it falls in the "respectful and sincere, but pretty friggin' pointless" category: our beloved Paul Zbyszewski, how exactly do you want us to pronounce that alphabetical insanity of a name? as someone with a never-properly-pronounced last name myself (try using a Q without a U some time), i'm familiar with the simultaneous irritation and chagined resignation that accompanies every rolecall, so i'd like to make sure i'm getting it right, simply to be properly respectful. my Polish-Hungarian pal indicated it might be something like "spa-ZHEF-ski" but i figured the source is always the best reference if possible. so, cutting to the chase, i'd like to tell everyone how awesome mr.zbyszewski is, and i can't properly do so if i can't even pronounce the name; help from the man himself (or anyone who knows his name-pronunciation demands with some degree of authority) would be greatly appreciated.
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The Fuselage > Ask the Staff > Got Questions for the Lost VIPs? > Zbyszewski, the name that calls to me

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