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Got Questions for the Lost VIPs? Get answers.

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Who was with Naomi?

Did Naomi parachute on the island alone? Could there have been more trained gun men with her? It's just a little confusing for me. I remember Naomi talking to (can't remember the name, the guy that recruited her and visited Hurley at the mental institution) She said that it was dangerous to take them on the mission, so we know that she expected it to be a job for more than one person. Is it possible that some of the other crew were with her on the helicopter when Charlie and Desmond found her? Maybe they were hiding out waiting for an opportunity to strike and that's when they killed Karl and possibly Danielle Rousseau. Ben did say to Alex that the people were more dangerous than him.
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The Fuselage > Ask the Staff > Got Questions for the Lost VIPs? > Who was with Naomi?

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